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Ulcinj is the most southern town on Montenegrin coast and for many reasons it is charring an epithet "particular". This town is well known from ancient times because in that area innumerable times were changed many cultures and nations, and all of them had left behind indelible marks in this old town, stamps which can be seen and fell even today. On nowadays Ulcinj's territory were lived ancient Illyrians who had left their traces in the close vicinity of Zoganje's lake, until the Colhidians were an nation which had founded this town in 5-th century B.C. and named it such as Cholhidium. Golden era had begun around 163 years B.C. when Ulcinj, named in that time as Colchinium, (from ancient Illyrian tribe named Olciniatas) Roman had taken it on under their authority and gave it a new name, Olcinium. During their government Ulcinj got a special status, such as a "town with unusual privileges" ("Pida civium romanorum"), and after this and status of "independence" ("Municipia").

Except for the well known Ulcinj's pirates, ramparts of Ulcinj's Old town represented an shelter and periodical residence of many famous and historical persons, beginning with Byzantium emperor Justinian who restored and again enthroned town after numerous and difficult wars, until the Nemanjici's, Balsic's and Turks who renovated and expanded the town. Mongolian also have reached to Ulcinj, but they couldn't conquer the town so they destroyed neighboring town Svac, located on Lake of Sas, (town which was famous because it had 365 churches). Probably one of the most famous persons who had lived in Ulcinj was Sabatei Cevi, self-proclaimed messiah and reformer of Talmud, born in Smirna and died in Ulcinj on 30th September 1676 under the name of Mehmed Effendija.

Anyway, today Ulcinj is famous as a tourist destination which offers to all visitors unique offers in two shapes: as passive and active tourism. Even if You want to dim of on one of Ulcinj's beaches, dance animatedly in one of numerous beach bars, or to walk on footpath through the pine wood, or if You want to go in for some water sport such as Surf & Kite, Ulcinj is the town who can offer You all this activities. Ulcinj is town with more than 270 sunny days, so You can visit it and out of summer season.

Ulcinj is town with numerous beaches spread on coast more than 25 km long. Many beaches are made of stone, but Ulcinj is from afar well-known because of two sandy beaches, Small beach and Long beach. Small beach is located in the center of the town, long around 400m. Long beach is named by many tourists as "Mediterranean Copacabana" which is winning over all people with its dimension. It is long around 12 km, and configured of fine sand. Long beach is spread from cape Djerane to the mouth of the river Bojana. Sand of the Long beach is a salutary remedy and it's excellent for rheumatic treatments. The Long beach is not the only beach with healthy features. Women beach, an small inlet, located in approximate vicinity of the downtown for many years is well known as beach with salutary remedies and natural medicine for female illness, and strolling through the pine wood to all asthmatic patients' nature gives a help. Valdanos is of the places which You must visit during your staying at Ulcinj. This inlet is located between famous Ulcinj's olive groves and it admires with peace and silence. Certainly it would be unfair if we don't mention river Bojana and island Ada on its mouth, which characterized with an particular atmosphere so difficult to describe and You must just experience. Ada is famous nudist settlement but many Ulcinj's visitors choose this river and closeness of Ada for the vacancy because of its specific atmosphere which separates You with other parts of the world.

You will know well Ulcinj and Ulcinj's people only during your sojourn in it, so You will understand the statement "who comes once in Ulcinj, he will return again". Ulcinj is the town full with various cultures and contents, town in which You can spend a really good time, relax yourself, experienced and note many things.



Overlooking the Old Town of Ulcinj and the Adriatic Sea, Apartments Tati offers air-conditioned accommodation with free Wi-Fi and satellite TV. The property enjoys a peaceful location near an olive grove, within 500 metres from town centre and a sandy beach.
The nearest grocery shop is 50 metres away. Tennis courts and 2 rocky beaches can be found within a radius of 500 metres.
Owners of Tati Apartments can arrange boat or car rental services, as well as help with organising boat trips.
The Ada Bojana Island, created by the delta of River Bojana, features a 3 km long sandy beach and a naturist area. It is approximately 13 km from the Tati.






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